Навколосвітня подорож

 Чудове видання! З великим задоволенням починаю читати книгу Юрія Лисянського, великого мореплавця та вченого, "Українського Магеллана", нарешті в Україні видано його записки про навколосвітню подорож з його власними мапами та замальовками! Вдячний всій команді, завдякі якій це видання стало можливе!

It is my true pleasure that I begin to read the book by Yuri Lysianskyi, the great navigator and scientist, "Ukrainian Magellan", finally in Ukraine his notes about the trip around the world with his own maps and sketches are published!

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The Big Bang Theory

 Just finished the last episode of the last season of The Big Bang Theory. It's hard to believe it was twelve years ago, when me, my sister, and our friends started to watch this series. It's been a long and wonderful journey. I'm really grateful to everybody who was involved in this project. The BBT is so funny and nerdy, wise and humanistic, entertaining and telling you a billion interesting things about our Universe. Its characters truly became kinda family for all thankful fans all over the world. So many things happened during this dozen of years. To think about it, my life completely changed - and I like it a lot! As Sheldon said: changes are the only constant in our life. And I'm so happy that I still have my family and friends I used to have 12 years ago (though I live far away from majority of them now) - and I'm blessed to have now even more people that are really close to my heart! I am full of curiosity for the path that lays ahead :0) This entry was originally posted at

Polar (2019) - blood on the snow

It's not just a brutal gore (though it has enough of it).

It's a philosophical tale of violence and retribution.

The one and only brilliant Mads Mikkelsen, playing main character, goes through the painful transformation, the divine ordalia, as he passes through the hanging and loses his eye, as Odin did, to obtain a new wisdom.

Also, I would like to point out Katheryn Winnick (Катерина Винницька), a Ukrainian from Canada, she did masterfully in Vikings - and now she is very persuasive in the role of Vivian, the exquisite assasine master.


Strongly recommend if you're into such kind of stuff

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