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old dog, same tricks

My observation: people are tired of political establishment. And this is a global trend. And people have every right for that attitude. Politicians are playing by the same old rules from 20th century. And we all live in absolutely new era already.

This public fatigue expresses itself in popularity of figures which would be the inhabitants of the political margin in any different circumstances.

A striking example of this is the election in the United States where the extreme right and extreme left (relatively speaking) voters are dissatisfied with the "swamp of establishment" both in the Republican and in the Democratic party and vote for independent candidates, causing such controversial feelings.

The same situation exists in Iceland where disgruntled voters put forward a new Pirate party in opposition to the old political organizations.
The political system is changing forever and those who cannot understand this do not have a future.

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Tags: політика, роздуми, спостереження
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