sparrowhawk (sparrow_hawk) wrote,

the price is just too high

Yesterday, while reading the article about English nationalist who killed MP Jo Cox before the Brexit referendum, claiming that she is a traitor and people’s enemy and he wants, by this assasination, to re-establish old glory of Great Britain – I was thinking about the past. How often the past catches all our attention and resources, and forbids us to think about future. How often some people want to speculate on this, pursuing their own private goals. I see this only too well in my own country… and here, in Poland. And in France. And in the US. And… You can prolongate this list endlessly. And I remember these words from Ulysses by Alexander Pope:

Thus solemn rites and holy vows we paid
To all the phantom nations of the dead.

We are paying. But sometimes the price is just too high. This entry was originally posted at
Tags: політика, роздуми, спостереження
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