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Rzeczpospolita atlantycka by Jan Nowak-Jeziorański

 I'm not surprised this book is banned in modern Russia. Alas, I'd not be surprised, if this book finds itself forgotten in modern Poland, under the PiS. Indeed, when the Titans leave, there are dwarfs on the stage. Jan Nowak-Jeziorański was a great thinker. And it was a pleasure to read his Rzeczpospolita atlantycka (Восточные размышления, Eastern Reflections in Russian translation). People like him and Gedroits (with whom he polemicized) laid the foundation for peace and stability in Eastern and Central Europe after the Cold War. Reading his wise reflections on how Poland should build relations with its neighbors, in particular Ukraine, one could be simply horrified at how much the present Polish government is doing exactly the opposite. History teaches us that everything passes, and I hope that the era of populism and speculation on nationalism in Poland will soon come to an end.

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